Your Appointment

Your first visit will involve answering some questions and undergoing a simple examination. This is generally sufficient to arrive at a musculoskeletal diagnosis, Robert McGregor - Treatmentswhich will then be explained and you will be able to ask any questions you may have.

Treatment, if appropriate, will then begin during your first appointment.

Treatment typically involves a series of gentle, relaxing, rhythmic movements of the affected area. Subtle stretching exercises are then used to release joints and intervertebral discs. These techniques relax muscles, decrease inflammation and help to release the joints and any trapped nerves.

This in combination with advice and a programme of individually tailored home- based exercises will help to relieve any pain and stiffness.

Clothing does not need to be removed, however loose fitting garments make treatment easier.

Rob McGregor - Treatments

Expectations and outcome of treatment

An important aspect of Rob’s work is discussing your expectations as a patient, i.e. what do you expect to happen during the first session , and any follow up appointments (if necessary). How should you expect to feel after the treatment and how much treatment might you need?

This will be discussed early on so everyone knows what to expect. The important thing is that you must feel comfortable with your osteopath, the surroundings, and the treatment.